Green Country Tractor Club
Porter, Okla

Contact Number: Jim Shieldnight 918-483-7775
                          John Marney    918-629-7514
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Kenny Storrer at Chouteau
Ronnie Cummins at Inola

Kyle Grossman
Curtis Long at Riverbend
Jermiah Sumner
Jim Sumners at Pryor
Travis, Paul and Mary at Morrow
Jon White
Dr. Martin at Pryor
Greg Snider
Travis Carter

Greg Shamblin at Webbers Falls
Travis Cunningham at Inola
Travis Chupp at Inola
Jake Pilmaier at Chouteau
Kevin Hersburger
2013's Div III and Master Puller Champion
2014"s Div II and Master Puller Champion

Randy Grossman at Chouteau
Brad Cunningham at Webbers Falls
Don Carte at Webbers
John Marney at Morrow
Mike Herx
Miles Anderson at Morrow
James Grossman
2015's Div III Co-Champion and Open Class Champion
Dan Queck Full Pull
J.C. Chidister
Lee Wegner
Lynn Heller at Chouteau
Dorothy Shoefstar at Chouteau
Jim Shieldnight at Chouteau
Chistina Jones at Chouteau
Larry Clover at Chouteau
Ricky Jones at Riverbend