1. Pulling points are awarded to the regular tractor driver. (Exception: In his absence, a designated driver may be used, if the regular drivers tractor is present and used for the pull.)

2.  The two (2) lowest pulls will be thrown out, for division calculation. (note) Pullers must attended 1/2 of scheduled pulls to be scored.

  3.10 points are available for pulling. 1st = 10 pts, 2nd = 9 points etc:

  4. 15 points is assigned for show up points for an available total of 25 points for each pull.

  5. Show up points will awarded to drivers, that have less than the 3 tractors required for a class.

  6.Tractors DQ'd for illegal modifications or safety violations, driver will not receive any points..

  7. During a pull or repull, a DQ thru speed limit violation (horn), failing to stop when flagged, or any other reason, the
driver will receive the 15 show up points, but no pull points for that class. (Pulloff's Excluded and will received pull points).

  8. A Puller of the Year Award will be given to the top points puller in each of the three divisions, Div II, III, and Open.

  9. Three tractors make a class. No Exceptions
  10. Annual membership $25.00

  11. Hook Fee Members $14.00 Nonmembers $15.00 (FEES SUBJECT TO CHANGE)