RULES COMMITTEE: President: Jim Shieldnight, Chairman: John Marney, Members: James Grossman, H.B. Hutchens, Curtis Long, Lynn Heller, Greg Shamblin, Mike Herx, Ronnie Cummins., Daniel Queck, Randy Grossman and Jake Pilamier

1. General Membership will meet annually to make or vote on necessary rule changes.. Note: We reserve the right to make safety, class, and fee changes as necessary.

2. All participants must read & comply with rules governing the tractor pulls & must attend the safety (drivers) meeting prior to each pull. SAFETY IS OUR MOTTO!!

3. The Rules Committee decision is final in all instances.

4. No one is allowed on the track except puller and officials. On track coaching will result in driver disqualification.

5. No consumption of alcoholic beverages. Automatic disqualification.

6. Tractor drivers must be at least 18 years of age. Exception: Pullers 17 and under may pull with a parent present on the day of the pull. Younger drivers may pull also, after taking and passing a drivers test, and being approved by the committee. A release form must be signed by under aged driver and responsible adult.

7. Driver must remain in seat during the pull, with one hand on the steering wheel at all times.  No seat bouncing.

8. Any driver refusing to stop when RED FLAGGED will be automatically disqualified.

9, Gas leaks (drips, or any danger of fire) will disqualify a tractor until repaired. (Must be done before finish of class)

10. Tractors must stay inside boundary lines, any part of tractor tractor hitting or going over boundary line will result in DQ and loss of pull points.. After unhooking from sled should not exceed 3.5 mph.

11. All pulls will start with a tight chain and no more than 1/2 throttle, no clutch popping. (officials decision)

12. All add on weights must be securely fastened to the tractor . If any weight or part should fall off the tractor while hooked to the sled, the tractor will be automatically disqualified

!3. Speed limit for Div II is 3mph, Div III is 4mph and Open is 12 mph. Exception:  Class "C" 4 mph and "FF" and "GG" a 6 mph limit. Exceeding the speed limit (horn) during pull will result in disqualification, and loss of pull points..

14. A full pull point (distance/cone)will be established on the track.  When the front of the sled pan reaches the cone, or full pull distance on Display,  the flagman will stop the pull.. A speed adjustment cone will be set at 85ft, for Div II and III and 120ft for Open class, the sled counter or cone at rear of sled will be used for speed limit.

15. During hooking or unhooking , tractor will be in neutral and drivers hands raised.

16. Failure to comply with any of these rules, or tampering with another members tractor, or unsportsmanlike like conduct, will result in disqualification of that person from the pull or the club.

17. Protests will be made to a rules committee member, and protests will result in both the protesters and  protested tractors being checked. Burden of proof will rest with the protester on technical issues. Protests must be made before completion of the next class, and must come from a puller in the same class. Rules committee members have the authority to protest any tractor at any time on or off track.