1. Div II, "1960" and older tractors and must have the stock ag. engine, frames, transmissions, rear ends, and axle housing or the manufacturers replacement. No adapter plates allowed for engine, or transmission front end to bolt up. Exception: Tractors 3500lbs and below may have substitutions of major components of same manufacturer ( IE: engine, transmission J.D. Power Blocks ETC;) as long as they are direct bolt in and manufactured in 1960 or older.. 20% over tractor stock rpm is allowed. Must maintain the stock integrity of the class. No turbo chargers or blowers except factory installed.

2. Div II, III, & Open Tractors: No alterations may be made to the frame or housings except for mounting weight brackets. Div II and III must have factory wheel base, or shorter and any wheel base for Open Class tractors, Div III 20% and Open 30%, over tractor stock RPM permitted , with a MAX of 3000rpm’s allowed, and both shall have factory appearing block and head. Scatter Shield’s are recommended on the Open Class tractors..

3. All tractors must be complete with no weight or fluids added after official weigh in. "There is a 20lb allowance on weight for any class in any Division. Weight of class is maximum weight allowed, “NO EXCEPTIONS."

4. Drawbar or hitch point shall not exceed 18" from ground level for Div II tractors. Div III and Open must not exceed 20" from ground level. Clevis height for all tractors will be measured from top of drawbar. Hitch point shall be a max of 9" behind rear tires, and a minimum of 18" from center of rear wheel. Drawbar cannot be less than 5/8" or more than 1 1/4" in depth and width, and must have a 3" X 2.5 " opening. All drawbars must be in fixed position in all directions.

5. Fuel: Diesel fuel only in diesel tractors. Div II, III, and Open: No Nitro, Alcohol , or Nitro mixes allowed. No manually injected fuels or air in any engine.

6. All tractors must have a working governor ( No alterations, bypasses, or over rides allowed. Violations will result in total loss of pull points for the day).

7. A tractor may pull only once in each class, and must meet rules for the class. Drivers may drive only one tractor per class.

8. Repulls after the tractor passes the speed limit cone,  is not allowed except for Sled malfunction

9. Tires & Wheels: Div: II: Rear tractor rims may not be wider than tire size recommends. No radial tires, or dual wheels allowed. Single TOP CUTS are permitted. Div III & Open: No radial tires or dual wheels allowed. Any rim width and any cut on tires is allowed.

10. All tractors must pass a safety/tech inspection prior to pulling. Stickers will be applied/displayed to indicate a passed inspection.

11. Tractors pulling for exhibition purposes only, will pull at President of Rules Committee’s discretion. Tractor should meet all safety rules.

12. Wheelie bars are required on all tractors. Wheelie bars must be capable of holding the weight of the tractor in its heaviest class. Wheelie bars must extend behind rear tire, and must not be more than 10" above the ground . (We recommend 5” square pads on Wheelie bars)Wheelie bars will be checked by jacking them up one side at a time. Cross bars on wheelies must not contact the sled chain. Front weight brackets/weights may not extend more than 11 feet from center of rear wheel..